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  • FRV - Advogados & Solicitadores
  • FRV - Advogados & Solicitadores
  • FRV - Advogados & Solicitadores

Welcome to Advogados Online.

Our legal team aims to provide Legal support via email or in person.
We have a team of lawyers dedicated to Full Time.
Investment real estate, agricultural, industrial and housing in Portugal.

Urban planning and agricultural.

The Real Estate Law.

We provide Legal Support in identifying the property, check whether it is free from burdens or charges (mortgages, liens), whether or not able to sell or buy.
This is not real estate, but simply support provided by legal professionals - lawyers who go to those who want to smoothly buy or sell an agricultural land, industrial, a house, a villa a Farm, a village tour, prédiosconstituidos Industrial Property for urban regeneration in large, ex: Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, Faro and any other cities.

The identification of the property may be on their own initiative or through any other means to your liking and suggestion.

Verified in the Chambers and other State bodies control urban projects feasibility, and the coefficient of construction skills of the land.
We Registries and Notaries if they are able to sell or purchase.
We also found the process of funding and public support and interest subsidized for the purpose.

See our blogger where we have several issues of opinion and information.

Investment in Portugal.

Lisbon Portugal July 15, 2013

Lawyers online response ready in 24H.

What we do

Labour and Social Security Law

Family Law, namely Divorce and Parental Responsibility

Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses

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